Life Line Screening Reviews: Do Doctors Recommend Life Line Screenings?

Life Line Screening has a 4.6/5 rating based on 446 reviews on ConsumerAffairs, and 3.9/5 rating based on 2153 reviews on Trustpilot.

Life Line Screening offer

Life line screening is a premium screening program to detect the risk factors of several chronic health conditions before symptoms appear.

Detection of diseases is the most challenging task in medical science. Life line screening company aims to help users to encounter possible health problems and increase sufficient health awareness among people.
It would be a blessing if we find out the risk factor for heart stroke or other cardiovascular diseases.

Overall, it is an authentic and primitive way  to lead a healthy life. In this review on life line screening, we will help you to explore more about life line screening benefits and motives.

What Tests Are Done Under Life Line Screening Service?

Life line screening is simply an amazing platform that offers around 16 preventing screenings to determine the entire health condition of a person.

However, among all the tests the company prioritized 3 tests due to their essential importance.
Some terrible diseases like stroke, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis can be determined by ECG.  blood workup and ultrasound are also helpful to detect illness symptoms.

 Apart from these three, the following screening panel is also offered by Life line.

Cardiovascular Diseases and Strokes Screening

Fibrillation, cardiac arrhythmia, Abdominal Aortic Disease, Peripheral vascular failure,CRP failure, and hyperlipidemia.

Diabetics, Kidney, and Liver Screening

Chronic Kidney failure, Vital Organ Screening, internal organ failure, Liver Failure test, Kidney failure check-up, and CRP test for both genders.

Cancer, Joint and Bone Screening

Adenocarcinomas, Bowel Cancer, Vitamin D, Osteopenia and Bone health for both genders.

Wellness Panel and Other Screenings

Wellbeing Panel also offered for only Men. On the other hand, Wellness Panel and Well-being Panel Plus are available for women only.

 However, both men and women can have Annual Key Health, Testosterone Deficiency, and Thyroid Disease tests.

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Is Life Line Screening a Reliable Service or a Hoax?

Is life line screening legit? Does it really work? Well, according to the life line screening customer reviews, it is the most effective and legit way to protect your health from potentially fatal diseases.

Moreover, the Lifeline screen always encourages the users to take full care of their health by a regular check-up from physicians.

As per recent Life Line screening reviews 2020, hundreds of people are constantly utilizing the service and share their experience of how the test has helped them to avoid risks.

Why Life Line Screening So Beneficial for Us?

Life line screening is an extremely beneficial yet affordable procedure to detect severe illness in the body. Users can improve their health condition by detecting forthcoming health risks.

All types of health risks linked with the kidney, heart, liver, bones, and arteries can easily be assessed by Life Line Screening. 

Without any side effects, this service can help you to enrich your entire health ratio. Whoever takes these services such as  ultrasound, EKG analysis, and blood tests, etc does not have to worry about his health condition. 

On the internet, you might have come across a lot of reviews about life line screening which will help you to decide whether you should proceed to book an appointment with the Life Line Screening package or not.

Where to Contact to Get This Amazing Service?

Unacceptable but true that no one takes any major step on illness before it becomes troublesome. Day by day people are now becoming more sick due to health unconsciousness.

Therefore it’s necessary to take the services unless it is too late beware towards health. Visit line to book an appointment for this life changing service. 

To attain the service you need to go to their official website and press the button named as “Get started”. 

The particular website is also helpful to detect your preferred life line screening locations as well as the available dates.

Pros and Cons of Life Line Screening

Well, in this part Life line screening review might help you to decide whether you should go for it or not.  Good side and bad side of this incredible service are detailed in this life line screening pros and cons.


  • Affordable
  • Peaceful
  • Professional staff
  • painless
  • Non-invasive
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Reasonable than traditional screening


  • No insurance facility
  • Only available in USA

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Life Line Screening Reviews – Final Words

Do doctors recommend life line screenings? Yes, of course, most of the doctors recommend life line screening to do significant tests to exclude the risk of several common illnesses of the body.

As per, life line screening medical reviews, Life Line Screening is the most affordable option to assess the risks and common diseases which are likely to hit people in the last phases of their lives.

So, is life line screening worth it? Well, it is actually the most affordable and convenient way to classify risk for possible health disputes. Without wasting any time, book an appointment today to lead a healthy life!

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